Eijaz Khan recently showed his perseverance and zeal to learn new things in order to play his character to the ‘T’.

Eijaz Khan’s ‘extra effort’ to look his character in Sony TV’s Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage

Eijaz Khan spent 3 weeks in a village in Gujarat where he not only learned the nuances of his character but also spent some quality time with the village folks. He plays a village headman Raidhan Raj Kataria in his brand new show Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage who is loved and respected by all and for whom responsibility of his village and family is a priority.

A very important part of living in a village is farming, and so is one’s ability to drive a tractor. Eijaz Khan in his endeavour to bring authenticity to his role tried his hand at it. What was quite surprising is that he learned how to drive it one day flat! It is heartening to see that actors like Eijaz find time after their pack up to spend time with the village folks and also indulge in local activities like archery with a bow and arrow made of twigs and rope.

A source on set says “ Eijaz Khan was very comfortable living in the village and for once did he not crib about the circumstances or the fact that he missed the city; he thoroughly enjoyed himself and even bonded with the elders of the village and the Sarpanch “

Way to go, Eijaz!!

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