We all know John Cena to be one of the all time favourite American wrestlers. We know him from his fame on the wrestling show WWE that we all watched growing up and even imitated. We also know Bigg Boss to be one of the most controversial shows across the country and know that every contestant on the show comes out with a lot more buzz than they went in with.

One such contestant who has been in trending for a few hours now is Asim Riaz. Wondering what’s the connection between Asim and John Cena? Big news, John Cena just posted a picture of the contestant on his social media handle and fans are completely gaga over it. You’d expect Asim to be famous across the country. But now one of the biggest wrestlers has made him world famous and we’re yet to interpret why. We all know how random John Cena can be with his random posts without captions. His Instagram bio even says that there will only be random pics for us to make sense out of. But as of now, seems like if he were to support a contestant from Bigg Boss, it would be Asim!

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