'Furious and upset' Geeta Kapoor storms out of DID Li'l Masters shoot

Geeta stops shoot mid way and stages an exit...

‘Furious and upset’ Geeta Kapoor storms out of DID Li’l Masters shoot

IWMBuzz reported exclusively about choreography queen Geeta Kapoor shooting for a special sequence in ongoing DID Li’l Masters season 4 show (ZEE TV and Esselvision).

It indeed was meant for a sweet memory of an episode, however, things did not transpire as expected.

A credible industry source has informed IWMBuzz that Geeta, upset over a prank, stormed out of the shoot mid way, leaving the show makers in lurch.

“As part of the prank, Geeta was given a lizard. She got scared and later, extremely upset and angry. She walked out of the shoot. The production unit’s repeated pleas fell on deaf ears. She never returned to the shoot and last minute script changes had to be made,” adds the source.

It’s rather strange an act given Geeta’s past relationship with the DID gang.

We texted Geeta and a channel spokesperson to seek a comment on the same but none reverted till the time of filing the article.

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