Gaurav Sharma to have a ‘dream destination’ wedding in Goa on 31 October!!

Gaurav Sharma will get married in style in the coolest locales of Goa...

Gaurav Sharma to have a ‘dream destination’ wedding in Goa on 31 October!!

Actor Gaurav Sharma had always dreamt of getting married in the ‘coolest’ place in India, that is Goa!!

And he is now super excited as the D-day of his wedding arrives!!

Yes, Gaurav who won lot of praise for his antagonistic character in Diya Aur Baati Hum will be getting married on 31 October in Goa!! His would-be wife Priya works in a bank in Mumbai, and belongs to UP.

After their first casual meeting, Gaurav and Priya interacted quite a lot on social media and got to know each other more. And when they met again, they decided it best for their parents to decide their future.


The groom-to-be Gaurav Sharma spoke to from his wedding destination Goa, and told us, “Yes, we were happy when our parents accepted us and worked towards our wedding. I have always told myself that whenever I would marry, I will have my wedding in Goa. So yes, I am now in Goa with only few days left for my wedding. The feeling is superb as I stand in my dream destination. I am having a great time in Goa with my friends. My bride is expected in a day or two (smiles).”

Talking about the theme and preparations for the wedding, Gaurav averred, “Ours will be a subtle beach wedding in Goa. I have decided the dress code for all during the engagement and wedding. The engagement will be catholic and boys will wear blue while girls will be in pink. The wedding will be a typical Indian wedding but at the beach. It will have all the rituals and customs of any Indian wedding. The dress code for the wedding will be ethnic. We will have Goan style lunch and dinner. We have arranged quite a lot of fun activities out at the beach.”

When asked what he likes a lot about Priya, Gaurav shared with a smile, “She’s very pretty and beautiful. She is a loving personality. Above all, Priya respects my parents a lot.”

As of now, his celebrity friends Anirudh Dave and Himanshu Soni are in Goa with the groom-to-be. Many more celebrities are expected to join in before the D-day.

Gaurav will be part of ZEE Magic’s new show, Deewane Anjaane, produced by Creative Eye.

Gaurav, we at wish you and your would-be a blessed life ahead!!


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