The senior actor will play a very important role in the episodic story this weekend.

Hemant Choudhary in Colors’ Kaun Hai?

Actor Hemant Choudhary who was recently seen as Parashuram in &TV’s Paramavatar Shri Krishna will play a crucial part in the first episodic story of Colors’ thriller cum horror series, Kaun Hai?, which will start this weekend. The story will also feature actors Pankhuri Awasthy and Abhishek Malik.

The story which will be titled ‘Putul Ganj’ will be the tale of a doll and a doll making house which was destroyed years back. Deadly deaths of two females years back would act as a catalyst, and one of them will be reborn, while the other will be around as a ghost.

Hemant Choudhary will be the only character who would be seen in the past as well as present age stories, and he will be a crucial character in the plot.

For this, Hemant has donned the look of a 30 years old man as well as a 60 years old man.

Says Hemant, “The role was indeed challenging as I had to portray two different ages. The character was also very interesting.”

Kaun Hai? is being produced by Contiloe.

Watch this space for more updates.

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