Hiten Tejwani will get teary-eyed upon losing his prized possession in the Bigg Boss house.

Every Monday in the Bigg Boss house comes with lot of surprises with the nomination tasks creating a tension-filled ambience.

In tonight’s episode, the Nomination task will happen in the lawn area where a tower will be erected with every contestant being called to the tower top for the task.

For Hiten Tejwani, the popular actor, the nomination task given to him will indeed break his heart as it will be connected to his family!!

As per a credible source, “Akash will be called up the tower and he will be asked by the Bigg Boss to call Hiten up there. For Akash and Hiten the task will be that if Akash would convince Hiten to tear the family picture that he always treasures, Akash will escape from being nominated.”

And for friend Hiten, it will be a herculean task as the family-oriented man will also want to save his friend in the house.

We hear that with a heavy-heart, Hiten will put the memorable picture of his family into the shredding machine. After this act, Hiten will be seen sitting alone, getting teary-eyed on losing the only memory he had of his family…


Brave act, Hiten!! Guess Hiten will indeed melt lot of hearts with this kind gesture..

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