Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show – India’s Best Dancer is all set for another power-packed episode where the contestants along with their choreographers will present their best moves and unique acts. This weekend, the show will welcome the veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha with wife Poonam. The star couple thoroughly enjoyed all the performances and encouraged the contestants. He also shared interesting anecdotes about his life and career.

This Saturday, the audience will also witness some special moments as the show celebrates ‘Thank You’ special where the judges, contestants, choreographers appreciate and show gratitude towards the one thing or people they are grateful for. As a tribute to the superstar, the choreographers in the show performed on all his hit tracks. The actor was very touched with this gesture of respect and got emotional walking down memory lane. The contestants give a special performance on his songs such as Makhan Chor, Yamma Yamma, and many more. Witnessing these performances Shatrughan Sinha got emotional and said, “Jis taraha aap logone is performance ko pesh kiya, vakeiyi bemisal hai.” The veteran actor also shared many events from his life, career, and his contribution to the film industry. He also spilled the beans on how he met his wife Poonam Sinha.