We reported earlier in the day that all is well and seemingly was always all well in the Sinha and Iqbal household about Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal’s upcoming wedding. Amid an array of rumors about the Sinha family being unhappy with their daughter’s decision, it was all shut down with a full family photo of both the Sinha and Iqbal family posing with all smiles in a selfie.

And now that the wedding is indeed on the cusp, there are further details to look at. A recent report suggests that Sinha and Iqbal will begin their wedding festivities with a registered marriage, further followed by a grand celebration at a restaurant in Mumbai.

Shatrughan Sinha’s friend, Shashi Ranjan spilled many details about the same in an interview with ETimes. He said that she is getting married to the man she loves and everyone is participating in it. He also said that Shatru Ji’s brothers are flying down from the USA for the big day and that the registered marriage will take place at Iqbal’s house.

Further details about the wedding include how they will also have a Haldi ceremony at Sinha’s house and the couple will host their friends and family members on June 23 at Bastian, Mumbai. The dress code for the occasion is said to be ‘festive and formal.’

Sinha and Iqbal dated each other for several years but never publicly admitted or denied being together.