Jayant Wadkar in Sony TV's Zindagi Ke Crossroads

Jayant Wadkar will be seen in the Sony show.

Jayant Wadkar in Sony TV’s Zindagi Ke Crossroads

Zindagi Ke Crossroads launched on 6th June on Sony Entertainment Television is already creating a buzz amongst the viewers.

The show is all set to showcase relatable life-altering stories, inspired from the drama of life.

Promising to be an emotional rollercoaster ride of insights and opinions, Zindagi Ke Crossroads is hosted by Ram Kapoor, produced by Shabina Khan and written by Mahadev. The show will present a new narrative in every episode and the Crossroads faced by the protagonists will be open for discussion to a unique set of studio audiences. With an interesting and never seen before format on weekday primetime, one can only expect to experience the best.

In today’s episode, one such intriguing story is about a god fearing bus conductor who always believes in doing the right thing. But, some unforeseen circumstances lead him in a situation wherein he has to arrange a huge amount of money for his daughter’s operation. While all doors seem to be closing on him, he finds a bag full of money in the bus. However, the first thing that comes to his mind is about returning it. But his daughter is also fighting for her life.

What will be his decision? What would you have done had you been in his situation?

The versatile and well known actor Jaywant Wadkar is essaying the role of the bus conductor emoting that character’s dilemma very well.

Tune in to Zindagi Ke Crossroads tonight at 8:30PM only on Sony Entertainment Television..

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