What? Rohit Sippy will slap mother Veena Sippy in Star Plus show, Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum. Read here for more details.

Karan V Grover to slap mother in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum?

A good Indian son slapping his mother? Shocking! Well yes, this is what will happen in tonight’s episode of Star Plus show, Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, where lead character Rohit Sippy (Karan V Grover) will clip mother Veena Sippy, played by Shalini Kapoor.

When contacted, Shalini refused to comment, saying, “Why Don’t you watch it for yourself.”

“Generally speaking, while it is wrong to hit anyone, life often depends on the circumstances, which compel you to take a certain action.”

“Many times, we only see one side of the story, which might not be the full truth, so it is always better to wait to get a full 360-degree view.”

Here Shalini accepts, “All this could be a part of an effort to drum up more drama in the mad race for TRP. Obviously, the makers (Sandeep Sicand) are playing with several high drama tracks, hoping for one click on which the story will hedge in the days to come.”

“This constant search for the right matrix also has a downside, in the sense that some tracks don’t end up resonating with the viewers.”

Point out that ratings, though being decent, are not high and have even slipped a tad, and she says, “Yes, sometimes, popular shows don’t rate and hugely rated properties don’t have a fan following.”

“We are quite happy, for our show gets substantial online traction. I have personally got immense love and audience support wherever I have gone, ever since this show first began.”

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