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Zee TV show Manmohini will take another leap which will take the story ahead in time.

Manmohini to take yet another leap

Manmohini the Zee TV show recently took a leap which brought in the kids track in the show.

This Prateek Sharma banner show will now see yet another leap.

Yes, if sources are to be believed, there will be another leap happening very soon.

As per a reliable source, “The show will see a new high point with the big revelation of Gopika (Giaa Manek) being Mohini. Post this, there will be a leap and the creative team working on the track ahead.”

The leap will take ahead the story of Ram (Ankit Sivach) and Siya (Garima Rathore).

We buzzed Producer Prateek Sharma and the channel spokesperson but did not get revert.

Watch this space at for updates.


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