Megha to take a dig at Romil's captaincy in Bigg Boss

Megha and Romil to have a tussle in the Bigg Boss house wherein the former will take a dig at the latter.

Megha to take a dig at Romil’s captaincy in Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 12 contestants’ day is incomplete without fights. While the contestants are competing with each other for the luxury budget, Megha will get into an heated argument with captain Romil.

Tonight, Srishty Rode along with Rohit and Somi will be seen preparing halwa. Somi and Srishty will tell that they have to wash the utensils and not leave any proof behind. Srishty will later feed halwa to Rohit.

In the morning, Megha will get irked seeing the mess in the kitchen and will take a dig at Romil. She would point fingers at Romil’s captaincy complaining that the kitchen looks disgusting.

Romil will also lose his calm at Megha and tell her not to teach him his duties.

Megha and Romil will later get into a heated argument.

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