A dreamy pool romance of Priyamvada-Shrey and Miesha-Ashish in MTV Splitsvilla X2

MTV Splitsvilla X2: Priyamvada-Shrey and Miesha-Ashish’s pool romance

Seems like winters have no effect on MTV Splitsvilla X2, as the temperature is rising there because of romance and intimacy, week on week. This week, viewers can witness an eventful love-coaster ride which will surely be an aww-worthy one! From a dreamy pool romance of Priyamvada-Shrey and Miesha-Ashish, to a cozy romance eve for Saundharya-Sambhav and Arshiya-Piyush, you will see it all in this week’s episode!

Hosts Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone planned a special date night for the couples in the Villa with unique and distinct themes for each one. While the couples make the most of every moment with nothing but love and excitement, a series of fights are bound to make the atmosphere strenuous. Miesha and Ashish get into a fight because of Hridya’s comments on Miesha. And not only this, the villa will see its next dome session, with a big twist, as a couple will be dumped by the chosen one!

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