Mudit Nayar gets injured while performing an intense sequence on Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein set

Mudit Nayar gets injured on Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein set

Mudit Nayar, who essays the role of Yogi (a hearing impaired boy) in Sony Entertainment television’s show ‘Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein’, is in pain.

The actor recently got injured while performing an intense sequence on the set during the shoot.

Talking about the incident, Mudit shares, “In the show, Yogi owns an electronic item repairing shop. There was a sequence in the track where Yogi is angry over his broken marriage and throws away the radio in his shop. While enacting the sequence, I met with an accident where I got a deep cut from the sharp edges of the radio. It started bleeding heavily and the director had to halt the shoot. Considering we were shooting very important sequences and most of the sequences are incomplete without me, I immediately ran to a nearby hospital. After 7 stitches, I reached back and resumed shooting after 30 mins. Now, I take timely dressings and care which helps me stay strong for the next sequence.”

Mudit further adds, “I understand the hectic nature of my work and how my presence is extremely critical for each scene, so I don’t really have the luxury of taking an off. And it is something I completely understand, but the channel & makers were kind enough to look into the incident & hence made the required changes to the story and made life a little easy for me”

Get well soon, boy!!

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