Talented actor Neil Bhatt who has had a flourishing career with TV shows 12/24 Karol Bagh, Gulaal, Ramayan, Diya aur Baati Hum etc switched gears to play a negative character for the first time in his 10 years long career with Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop, the Rashmi Sharma Productions show on Colors.

In the character of Ranveer, Neil excelled and won hearts for his evil and cruel on-screen persona. However, news coming in is that Neil will soon move out of Roop and Ranveer’s character will come to an end.

With this much of information, we buzzed Neil who confirmed the news stating, “Yes, my role in Roop is coming to an end. It is a mutual decision that we arrived at, as there is no story left for Ranveer. We had a discussion and we thought of all the ways that TV works with. All of that sounded very repetitive. Whatever Ranveer has done till now looked very original and people have appreciated that. So it would appear dragged if we tried to put in more effort. So we came to a conclusion to give Ranveer a fitting end. I cannot talk about the highpoint coming, but yes, I can only say that I will be moving out of the show soon.”

Neil goes on to explain, “I have played lot of positive characters in my 10 years long career. And in my 11th year, I took it up as a challenge to play this negative role. I surrendered myself to the role and did whatever was written very convincingly. I am fine with the whole thing ending now, as I don’t want to give the character a stretched version which might not come across as strong.”

“The journey has been amazing and I have worked with passionate and hard-working people,” he states.

Ask him what will happen to Ranveer, and he says, “I cannot divulge details as there is lot of drama to come. I can only tell you that the end of Ranveer is involved with Shamsher. It is a very apt end for Ranveer. It goes with the role and with the kind of things he has done.”

Neil looks forward to exciting roles and will want to venture into the genre of comedy now. “I knew from December end (2018) that the exit of Ranveer is coming. Offers have been coming in. In my mind, I feel I have a comic streak in me which I will want to explore. I am in an experimental zone right now and will look for a romantic comedy for my next role.”

You will be missed as Ranveer!! Wish you all the luck, Neil.