Niti Taylor got out of hospital with a smile on her face after going through a surgery. Read here for details.

Niti Taylor thanks friends and well-wishers as she gets out of hospital!!

It’s time to shower our love and blessings on the extremely popular face of TV, Niti Taylor!!

Recently, Niti’s health hit a roadblock when she had heavy internal bleeding in her abdomen. The process of recovery needed a surgery to arrest the bleeding.

After having gone through a hospital stay for the period of surgery and recovery, Niti is now out of hospital and as always, with a smile on her face.

As she got out of hospital, she shared with her friends and well-wishers on the social media community about her being on the road to recovery.

She thanked everyone for wishing her and praying for her. And she also suggested that she is eager to get back on her toes, going about with the work on hand.

Have a look here:

Niti was recently seen in Voot’s series KYY3 with Parth Samthan.

Aww!! Take all the rest you can before you get back into action, Niti!!

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