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The two of them will play an Asur couple who will join hands with Shumbh.

Pranav Sahay and Sneha Namanandi’s cameo roles for Colors’ Mahakaali

Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s newest epic, Mahakaali on Colors has opened to a great response and huge ratings…

Over the last weekend, viewers were gripped and glued to the furore of Parvati as Sati. This weekend, Parvati (Pooja Sharma) will yet again get transformed into her rudra avatar, Mahakaali.

The show will see two cameo entries this weekend, in the characters of the Asur couple, Daruk and Daruka. Actors Pranav Sahay who makes his debut on TV with this show, and popular South actress Sneha Namanandi will play the above-said roles.

As per sources, “With Parvati going back to Kailash, Shumbh (Abhaas Mehta) will plan to get her back. He will take the help of his Asur friend, Daruk, played by Pranav. Later, Daruk’s wife Daruka will be shown inviting Parvati to her forest, wherein a trap will be set for Parvati. Parvati will witness a huge commotion and fight between the couple, Daruk and Daruka which will ultimately trigger her anger. This will result in Parvati taking the avatar of Mahakaali, an avatar of destruction.”

How will Mahadev calm down Mahakaali now?

We buzzed Pranav and he confirmed the news.

Gear up for this interesting sequence in Mahakaali, produced by Swastik Productions.

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