Dipika Kakar justifies that her relationship with Sreesanth is pure in the Bigg Boss house.

“My relationship with Sreesanth is pure,” Dipika justifies on Bigg Boss 12

After a surprise mid-week eviction of Surbhi Rana, Bigg Boss Season 12 finally got its top 5 finalists as Sree Santh, Dipika Kakar, Karanvir Bohra, Deepak Thakur and Romil Chaudhary. Bigg Boss gave all of them a chance to clear the air of allegations which viewers have against them. For the same a debate was organised in the Bigg Boss house where Sweta Singh from Aaj Tak was the moderator and Vikas Gupta and Jai Bhanushali were the affirmative or negative based on the contestant of their choice.

Sreesanth, the most talked about contestant of the season, sat on the hot seat. He was questioned by Vikas Gupta about his anger issues and celebrity status which he always displays during arguments. He was also asked that why he should win the show and others shouldn’t. With utmost conviction, Sreesanth defined his every act and apologized for the mistakes which he had made.

After an intense session, it was time for Karanvir Bohra to sit on the hot seat. Vikas Gupta stood against Karanvir and questioned his leadership qualities in the show. He was further blamed for his unselfish behaviour. Romil was also against him in the debate, but Deepak supported him and stated that Karanvir is a pure soul. Karanvir finally justified himself as being what he is in the show and he has always tried to prioritize himself over others when required.

Dipika was questioned by Jai for not maintaining any relationships in the house apart from Sreesanth and her bond. He also mentioned that her journey was overshadowed by Sreesanth. Disagreeing to all the allegations, Dipika told that her relationship with Sreesanth is pure and probably it is one of the strongest bonds in the Bigg Boss house.

What rifts will these allegations create among the contestants in the last few days of the show?  Will they be able to justify themselves or accept the allegations put on them?

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