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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs will see Dharmendra confiding the fact that he has jumped over buildings and rode horses and has never used body doubles.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs: Dharmendra reveals that he has never used a body double

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs the Zee TV singing reality show will see the legendary actor Dharmendra gracing this week for a special episode.

While speaking about his journey, Dharmendra spoke about one aspect that proved his mettle as an actor.

For Ghulami, a scene in the movie required him to ride a horse which he rides over a flight of stairs. While he was confident, what followed next was something you definitely need to know.

As the veteran star mentioned, “When we first started shooting, I could see the horse was tired and the shoot was getting hampered because of it. So, I told the caretakers to give him a bath. The shoot would then proceed. However, in the next shoot, I fell down because the horse was still damp and so was the floor.”

The actor jokingly added that he was unharmed and he gave a perfect shot in the end, but everyone on the set did get an earful from him.  For the actor, animals have been part of his films several times.

Dharmendra talked about the time he had to shoot a scene with a tiger, when he said, “While the tiger was in a cage, I was still nervous. I could feel the tiger’s eyes on me.”

The fact that Dharmendra has never used a body double for even the most dangerous actions scenes, especially with animals, goes on to reflect his abilities as an actor.

On being asked by Maniesh Paul, the actor replied, “I have done everything on my own. From riding a horse to jumping from buildings, I have never used a body double.”

In a day and age where stunt doubles are crucial for a movie, this revelation tells us about the immense dedication that Dharmendra had for his films. It is no surprise that he is called the ‘Action King of Bollywood’ and we are sure all the current crop of actors will be shocked after hearing this revelation!

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