Sayantani will be part of Kabir Sadanand’s first episodic tale for Laal Ishq.

Sayantani Ghosh joins Karam and Veebha in &TV’s Laal Ishq

Laal Ishq, the interesting love tales with paranormal twists on &TV will make for a good watch over the weekends!!

The first promo of the series has indeed enticed audiences to sample the content. has been reporting exclusively about the series being produced by Dipti Kalwani’s Sunny Side Up and Kabir Sadanand’s Frogs Unlimited.

We had reported about Priyank Sharma, Preetika Rao and Niti Taylor being part of Dipti’s first episodic story.

At the same time, we had written about Karam Rajpal and Veebha Anand being part of Kabir Sadanand’s first episodic tale.

We now hear of the talented actress Sayantani Ghosh joining the cast for the episode.

As per a reliable source, “The first episodic story of Kabir will star Karam, Veebha and Sayantani. They will have formidable and challenging roles to play.”

We buzzed Sayantani, but could not get through to her.

Watch this space for more updates.

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