Who's missing Paras Chhabra in the Bigg Boss House? Girlfriend Akanksha Puri!

Someone’s missing Paras Chhabra in the Bigg Boss 13 House, and it’s THIS!

The thrilling twists taken at every turn by Bigg Boss 13 simply refuse to abate. In the latest TRP-boosting turn taken by the show, Paras Chhabra was  eliminated from the Bigg Boss House this week. It was something of a shock, both for viewers, as well as for the other contestants.

This Sunday, the eliminated Paras Chhabra posted on his Instagram account, asking his fans who all were missing him in the game. The most heartwarming reply for him, amidst the thousands, was from his girlfriend Akanksha Puri, who replied, “I am missing you”, accompanied by heart and kissing emojis.

Awww, isn’t that the loveliest thing! Catch a glimpse of the lovebirds’ banter –

Someone's missing Paras Chhabra in the Bigg Boss House, and it's THIS!

So, Paras is eliminated. Or that is what the contestants think.

In reality, the actor has had a minor surgery for his thumb, which was injured in last week’s transport task in the house.

And what’s more, he is now in a secret room in the house, from where he can observe the other contestants. But this fact is hidden from the rest of the house inmates.

Phew, what a lot of drama and hungama in the house, re baba!

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