When Shilpa will give a special treat to Sapna...

Sunny Leone’s breakfast treat in Bigg Boss house: Shilpa to give a ‘chilly’ treatment to Sapna

Weekend Ka Vaar on Colors’ Bigg Boss will see the stunningly hot Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan sharing stage with the host Salman Khan!! The duo will come to promote their upcoming flick ‘Tera Intezaar’.

Inside the house, Sunny Leone will plan to give the contestants a ‘breakfast treat’!!

Wow!! So what would the contestants get as part of the treat? Here’s the catch!!

We hear that Leone will carry with her into the house, many sauce bottles of different flavours!! Her idea will be to offer the sauce bottles to the contestants, but again with a twist!!

When Shilpa will be called by Leone, Shilpa will be given the task of choosing a contestant who can be offered the ‘chilly sauce’!! Shilpa had to decide on the name as per their behaviour in the house.

A credible source tells us, “Shilpa will choose Sapna as the person to be given chilly sauce as she is the most boring person and does not talk to anyone in the house. As per Leone’s instructions, Sapna will literally be given a bath with chilly sauce. Shilpa will not only apply it on her face, but will also pour it all over her body and even will make Sapna drink the sauce.”

Ouch!! Crazy stuff, this!!

Wonder how Leone will trouble other contestants in the house? Watch the episode to get the clear picture.

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