Karan Vohra and Samiksha Jaiswal, leads of Zee TV’s Mehak are not in talking terms… Read for details…

Zindagi Ki Mehak’s Karan Vohra and Samiksha Jaiswal at ‘loggerheads; can’t see eye to eye

Zee TV’s popular show Zindagi Ki Mehak, produced by Saurabh Tewari brought to the limelight two good lookers (also decently good actors) in Karan Vohra and Samiksha Jaiswal. The jodi got immediate success with them being liked by one and all.

Being part of a refreshing story, something out of the box, indeed made them popular in quick time.

But now, all seems to be apparently falling apart for Karan and Samiksha, as per our sources.

Reason? The two of them, who were just a few months back very close to each other, are now not on talking terms.

Yes, you heard it right!!

We bring this news right from the set of Mehak situated in Delhi.

Going back in time by few months, the scenario was very different. Karan and Samiksha were best of friends to the extent that their closeness was rumoured to be something more than mere friendship. There was a time when the buzz was that the happy-in-marriage Karan had problems with the closeness he had developed with his co-star.

But now, they do not see eye to eye, except for the scenes where they shoot.

Shocking, right?

So how did this happen?

We at IWMBuzz dig out crucial information regarding this…

A close source confides in us, “Bella Vohra, wife of Karan Vohra, has always been uncomfortable with Samiksha’s closeness with her husband. She has never been taking things lying down, every time there appeared a romantic scene between Karan and Samiksha in the show.”

Things boiled down to such a level that Bella recently paid visit to the sets of Mehak and ended up having a fight with Samiksha, as per sources.

A source from the set confirmed to us, “Bella and Samiksha got into a very ugly tangle, which was literally a physical fight. And post this, there has been so much of stress on the set that Karan and Samiksha find it very tough to even enact a romantic scene, which used to come to them naturally few months back.”

Yes, the sore point is that their onscreen chemistry which was one of the huge factors for the show’s success has gone missing now.

Our source further states, “Even on social media, fans have noticed this drastic change and slip in chemistry between Karan and Samiksha. They have been messaging Samiksha to know the reason.”

We have also gotten to hear that with so many issues going on between them, Karan and Samiksha, who earlier were sweet-hearts to work with, have become tough to handle on the set. Their aggressiveness and disappointments for very small issues keep cropping up, thus spoiling the atmosphere on the set.

We buzzed Karan and Samikshha, but they did not reciprocate to our calls and messages.

We tried reaching out to Vohra, wife of Karan but she too did not respond. Channel spokesperson too did not revert to our query.

Well, Mehak has been the show that has put these actors on to the road of ‘stardom’. With the show doing decently well, we are sure the loyal fans of the show would want to be entertained more!!

We hope Karan and Samiksha understand that it is only work that speaks!!

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