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Drama galore in Aap Ke Aa Jane Se…

Nidhi’s plan to backfire in Zee TV’s Aap Ke Aa Jane Se

Zee TV’s popular daily Aap Ke Aa Jane Se (Bodhi Tree Production) has always hooked audience with intriguing drama.

Audience is aware that Badi Amma (Geeta Tyagi) is paralyzed and only her hands can move. Meanwhile, Nidhi (Shaily Priya Pandey) is trying to plot an evil move again but this time her plan will fail.

Shares a source, “Nidhi will make Badi Amma sign the ‘shares papers’ of Aggarwal Jewels. She will furthermore sell the shares to a bigger jewel company Neela which is owned by Yash (Abhiroy Singh). However, Nidhi will be unaware about the owner of Neela jewels. Now, Yash will plan to enter Aggarwal house to make their life hell.”

Vedika (Suhasi Dhami) is engaged to Yash hence she will also enter the house along with him. Now, the Aggarwal family will wonder about the culprit who sold their company’s shares. This time Nidhi’s plan will backfire and she will land in trouble.

What will happen next? Will Nidhi manage to save herself?

We buzzed the actors but they were busy shooting.

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