Parth Samthaan’s long-delayed film, Googly Ho Gayi, might finally see the light of day

Parth Samthaan movie might release...

Parth Samthaan’s long-delayed film, Googly Ho Gayi, might finally see the light of day

If there is someone, apart from Parth Samthaan and Vikas Gupta, who is very happy that these two have patched up, it is producer of the former long-delayed film, Subhash Singh.

This make-up artist (Katrina Kaif) turned producer had signed Parth for the romantic comedy, called Googly Ho Gayi. But unfortunately, by then, the infamous Parth-Vikas scrap had started (which, later, also dragged in Gauri/Gaurav Arora. Things heated up, and as a result, Googly got stuck, with financers and distributers apparently pulling out.

But now, with both Parth and Vikas agreeing to bury the hatchet, Subhash is hopeful of completing the film. He had been able to shoot only 35%of the movie before all hell broke loose. Reports suggest that he is even planning to replace Angela Krislinzki as the female lead. The cast also includes Zarina Wahab. Subhash had always supported Parth during his tough days.

When we spoke to Subhash, he said, “I am very happy that both have let bygones be bygones. I wish to thank Palak Mucchal, who played peacemaker. I have also heard that Parth and Neeti have become friends again. KYY3 has become a huge hit on Voot. Parth needed a strong comeback vehicle. All this will surely help the cause of Googly Ho Gayi as well.”

“I have suffered a lot, but now am hopeful of being able to wrap up the film quickly, and start working on the release. We are already in talks with PVR; fingers crossed.”

“I stood with Parth, for not only was he my film hero but also a nice, talented, young kid. I had always been trying my level best behind the scenes, to get a detente. No one was right or wrong; things do happen in the heat of the moment. In the meantime, I have managed to complete two other projects and will start work on one more fresh project after I wrap up Googly,” he ended.

We wish all luck.


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