Are director Ram Kamal and actor Gurmeet Choudhary "hyde"ing something?

Ram and Gurmeet's secret connect...

Are director Ram Kamal and actor Gurmeet Choudhary “hyde”ing something?

It seems Ram Kamal and Gurmeet Choudhury will work soon.

Our paparazzi from United Kingdom shared few images from Hyde Park, Central London where they spotted debutant director of Cakewalk Ram Kamal Mukherjee with Bollywood actor Gurmeet Chaudhry and Debina Banerjee. It seems Gurmeet was in London for the promotion of J P Dutta’s mangum opus Paltan, while Ram Kamal was travelling with his lead Esha Deol Takhtani to unveil the first look of his film Cakewalk.

A source discloses, “Gurmeet spotted Rian (Ram Kamal’s son) at Hyde Park while taking a stroll with his wife Debina Banerjee and his mother in law. We could see Gurmeet chasing Rian and throwing him up in the air. They bonded instantly and it was evident from their camaraderie. It was a great sight to catch.”

Later Gurmeet was seen catching up with Cakewalk director and his wife Sarbani Mukherjee at Coffee Shop near the lake. Over a cup of brewing coffee they discussed a couple of projects and might soon be working together. IWM is aware of the project, but we are tight lipped unless they decide to talk about it officially.

When contacted actress Debina, she confirmed saying, “Ram Kamal is a very dear friend, and I loved his book Long Island Iced Tea. Guru is very fond of Ram Kamal and his family. Hopefully we will be able to give you some good news soon.”

Keep watching his space for more update on what’s cooking between on screen “Ram” and off screen Ram!!

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