Producer and Writer Dilip Jha is happy with the way his characters and story line in Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai on Sony TV has shaped up!!

Says the Producer to, “The manner in which the execution of this show has been done, we have gone beyond expectations of one and all. The look and feel and the acting have been very much complimented. I have been receiving messages and calls from fans as well as people from the industry and they have to say that the show looks very different, as it is in the real zone.”

Talking about the USP of the show, he states, “Apart from the look, feel and acting, honestly the viewers will see some amazing twists and turns going forward. I am not only talking about the thriller part of it, but in terms of the romance buildup too. The most interesting aspect will be the way in which the thrill element will intertwine with the love story.”

The show has seen its first big high point and twist with the death of one of the most lovable characters in the show, that is Prabhakar. The character essayed by renowned Bollywood actor Anurag Arora was very much loved by one and all. And with the news of his death spreading in media, the Producer has literally been bombarded with messages requesting him to not kill such a lively and interesting character.

Clarifying this, Dilip Jha addresses viewers and fans to tell this, “Prabhakar’s death is actually just the beginning of the important phase in story telling. I know that I broke many people’s hearts, as Prabhakar was a very endearing character. Anuragji has done a fabulous job, and this was in fact an author-backed role. When I sat to conceptualize the characters, Siddhant and Prabhakar were the first two ones that I actually gave life to. The importance of the character reflected in its construction; it had deeper, meaningful and philosophical dialogues. It’s sad to really bring a character like this to an end. I have been reading the messages of so many people, asking me not to do so. To all of them, I say that I am sorry for this, and did not do it to make anyone feel bad. In fact, I feel worse. When you create a character like Prabhakar and then kill it, a part of you also dies as a creative person. I have invested a lot in building this character. I also heard from the set that Anuragji got teary-eyed and emotional when he shot for his last scene. He has said in an interview that this is one of the best roles he has got till date. This is a credible comment, coming from a man who has done only films and theatre. For him to say that this was his best role ever, gives me a good feeling. I am very happy.”

Ask him whether this was a logical and planned decision, the Producer avers, “Absolutely!! Everything is already planned. We have our next twist also ready. We always had a start, middle and end to the story line. I must tell you that the death of Prabhakar will only make the story far more interesting. This incident will act like a catalyst and take off in a big way. In the coming days, the love story is going to be brilliant for the first time. It will get to the intense levels too. So there is a lot to look forward to, and I wanted to tell the audience this.”

“We have very good actors in the cast. Manish Choudhary, Alka Amin will have a lot to do, in terms of the story plot. Actually, the Prabhakar family has always been warm and welcoming, unlike the Reddy family who seem very cold till now. Soon that will change. Reddy family is as human as the Prabhakar family and this will be seen now,” adds the Producer.

Dilip Jha’s earlier work on TV (under the banner Bindu Moving Images), Ek Duje Ke Vaaste too garnered huge fan-following and he has a dedicated set of fans that look forward to his realistic stories. “I will want to thank all the viewers who have loved my work Ek Duje Ke Vaaste. They have been dedicated to me, and I was getting messages that they were waiting for my next show. I have also been told by fans that this story too has the same magic of Ek Duje. I am very thankful for such amazing comments and compliments. The channel is also happy and we look forward to taking the show ahead in terms of its story line.”

Looking forward, he says, “Prabhakar’s wife (Alka Amin), will have an amazing journey from now on. Alkaji has done a great job, and people will simply fall in love with this character. She is going to be very important for the show after the death of Prabhakar.”

Wish you all the luck, Mr. Producer!!