Creative Director Nitin Dhall talks about the recently axed show, Pehredaar Piya Ki and the controversy linked to the show.

I personally loved the concept of ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’ – Creative Director Nitin Dhall

The Pehredaar Piya Ki controversy has literally forced the industry to think and react!!

The above-said Sony TV show received flak from audience and a certain sect of people from the industry for being a show with regressive content. Alas!! All the negativity indeed played in the minds of one and all, and now the show has seen an abrupt closure!!

Recently, acclaimed Writer Raghuvir Shekhawat talked to over his thoughts on the show…

Now we have the young Creative Director, Nitin Dhall talking to us about the show.

Says Nitin, “I have been working in the industry since so long and every day I am learning something new and that is what I like the most. We don’t know what the next morning will bring to us on our plate, and yes, it’s adventurous. I am always excited to know what is going to happen today, thinking of new experiments in real life as well as reel life. We always experiment some thing new to get different and unique outputs. Many of them in our field are trying the same and when they do experiments and when their output comes in a unique way they stand out differently from the crowd.”

He adds on, “I am happy with the work that I am doing in the Creative field but not satisfied. If I am not satisfied it gives me the fire to do some thing more and do some thing unique. I usually watch all the shows to know what is going on in the market to know what the demand of audience in the market is. Many of our writers and producers do experiments which I love to watch. I usually watch all the films and I don’t watch it for entertainment. I watch it because I want to read the films and the TV shows, to know what’s the the motto of the show and the message the show is giving.”

“Recently, when I was driving my eye stucked on a bus which was standing just next to my car and I saw the promo which made me curious to know about it more and I was waiting for it to come on air. The show was “PEHREDAAR PIYA KI” which came on Sony TV. What I think is that every one has their own views. Everything has two sides – negative and positive, I try to grab the positive side of anything. When I saw the promo of the show, I thought it was a show on child marriage, like shows we have seen earlier. Even then, this show seemed little different from all other shows. It’s had its own uniqueness. It was an experiment done by the producers and the writers of the show. When I saw the show, I didn’t find anything wrong in the story line or in the concept and the way it was being shown; there was nothing negative they were showing on screen for which the channel needed to be switched. By watching the promo, anything can be assumed that the show is about the young groom and the mature and elder wife, which was assumed by me also, but by seeing the episodes the thought got changed.”

Explaining more, Nitin states, “The story presented the situation of how they got married, and nothing vulgar or romantic was shown in the episodes. The characters of Ratan Singh and Diya Ratan Singh were designed very nicely keeping the reality alive and shown in a classy way. There was nothing as such which was going to spoil the mind of the viewers or anything against the society. Every thing was being served to the viewers by maintaining the decorum of the society. In the dialogues also it was clearly mentioned that, Diya Ratan Singh is not the wife, she’s is the PEHREDAAR OF RATAN SINGH, and that she will take care of Ratan (groom) and save him from all the problems and enemies. There was not even a single scene of bride and groom having any physical relation. She was like the ‘Guard’ of his life. More than that, it was the journey of a girl, who has decided to be the guard of someone’s life by keeping her dreams aside.”

“It was the story of a girl who was 18 years old, who had taken a huge decision which changed her life drastically. She had the burden of responsibilities on her shoulders. She had to handle all the responsibilities by crossing over all the hurdles created by her in laws. Also with this she had to fulfill the responsibilities of her husband not as a wife but as PEHREDAAR. The way the story was running was amazing with no flaws as such. Saying that the concept or show was going to spoil the society, was one thing I could not agree with, because it was the story of a girl who was handling her responsibilities towards the family and the work. I personally loved this concept, and it is sad that it has gone off air; I wish if we could see more episodes of the show.”

“On Monday when I opened the app to watch programs, I was shocked to see that Pehredaar Piya ki was not listed. I switched on the app again and I thought there was some technical error. When I searched for it on Google, I got to know that show had gone off air. But I am happy to know that a new season of PPK is coming with the same cast and a better story as mentioned by Mr. Sumeet Mittal. Best wishes to the makers.”

Well, let’s accept it now!! Pehredaar Piya Ki and its controversies have died down!!


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