Writer of the Zee TV show, Ishq Subhan Allah gets into a conversation.

Ishq Subhan Allah on Zee TV is not about ‘triple talaaq’ – Writer Danish Javed

Danish Javed, Writer of Zee TV show, Ishq Subhan Allah, is very happy at the initial success this Muslim social is getting. The Zee TV show is produced by Creative Eye.

Says he, “Any project works only if it is a team effort. Here, we have a complete package of good writing, acting, direction and costumes, etc.”

Danish, who has been a known TV writer for years (Tu Naseeb Hai Kisi Aur Ka, Nargis, Hawaian), further clears the air that his show is not based on triple talaaq. “Rather, it is a love story of two Muslim individuals, Zoya (Eisha Singh) and Kabir (Adnan Khan), who have different value systems. Sadly, we have taken many things as religion, when, in effect, they have no connection whatsoever to religion. We don’t want to hurt anybody’s religious sentiments. We respect all religions.”

Coming to instant triple talaaq, he says, “Zoya is right in saying that this practice of divorce is not mentioned in the Quran. Our team of scholars has vetted this. Instant talaaq is an Islamic divorce practice which is least preferred and should be avoided. Ideally, Islam does not favor divorce and always advocates reconciliation. We don’t want to be part of any controversy.”

Can we see mention of triple talaaq in the show, down the road? “How can we tell you the story? As far as Zara being a feminist is concerned, she has every right to defend her ilk. Point to be noted is that she is not against men. Plus, she makes it very clear that Islam gives women freedom and equality with men.”

He also assures fans that they have a strong story which will not deviate for at least a year, even in the wake of TRP pulls and pressures.

What do you feel about Muslim socials? “They have always worked in India, be it in films or on TV. Our first talkie, Aalam Ara, also had a Muslim backdrop. Even TV has such huge Muslim socials, a prime example being Qabool Hai. Our sizeable Muslim community ensures no shortage of good concepts.”

Way to go, Mr. Writer!!


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