Pearl Grey the creative genius now embarks on a new journey, this time as the Head of Content - Fiction and Non-Fiction on Dangal 2. She talks to on the goals ahead.

We plan to get relatable drama and good storytelling: Pearl Grey, Head of Content – Fiction and Non-Fiction, Dangal 2

Pearl Grey has the best creative expertise which makes her work on niche projects and story plots. She has had a long and fruitful journey as a creative director, producer and also helming channels. Now, as Pearl Grey embarks on yet another journey, as the Head of Content – Fiction and Non-fiction with Dangal 2, we at talk to her about her goals ahead.

Here is what she said.

You have played varied roles in your long-standing career, starting from writer to heading teams. What are the memorable experiences you have experienced?

Every experience is memorable. For me, my work is priority…kaam hai toh sab hai. My 4 years at Zee TV had been the best learning experience. Besides that, I love writing and making shows with good stories and characters. Working on all my shows had been memorable, be it as a writer or creative producer or being in the channel. I give passionately to all my shows.

Your present post as Head of Fiction and Non-Fiction for Dangal 2 – how do you see this new journey?

Challenging and fruitful.

What are your goals ahead for this new channel?

There is only one goal, to make this into a number one channel.

We are seeing shows ending up in less than three months presently. How will you tackle this problem, especially when you have a new baby coming to dawn?

With so many new channels and platforms, audiences have less patience level because of a lot more options available. Thus making the show to sustain is more challenging. We plan to get relatable drama and good storytelling.

What are the kind of genres and projects that Dangal 2 will work on now? Any detail.

All genres but good content.

How is the feeling in this new position and post?

I am very excited. I never shy away from responsibilities. Totally geared up and willing to give my best.

What are your personal expectations from this new role?

I took this position not for money but only because of the challenge. I want to achieve targets and every week bring newer targets to achieve.