Aditya and Zoya's romantic moments in Bepannah

Bepannah: Aditya and Zoya's romantic moments 7

Good looking and talented actors, Jennifer Winget and Harshad Chopda, met on the sets of Bepannah, where they played the read roles. This couple immediately grabbed the attention of the audience because of their on-screen chemistry. The couple takes the show to a different level with their scorching chemistry. Steamy isn’t just a word to describe their on-screen camaraderie.

The Bepannah co-stars Jennifer Winget and Harshad Chopda are fondly loved by the audience. The audience also gave them a couple of nicknames, AdiYa, based on their character names of Aditya and Zoya. This Jodi is adored by the fans and has made a place in each one’s hearts. Aditya and Zoya are the ideal couples that remind you of Bollywood’s love stories, where lovers have to face innumerable hindrances to living together and every time fate gets them together, destiny has other plans. The chemistry and too-good-to-be-true equation this couple shares on-screen is to die for!

The couple has amped up our television screens with never seen before chemistry and we are left expecting more from this sizzling couple every passing episode. The Jodi makes a really good pair and is one of television’s most loved jodis of all times. The Jodi has shared a lot of romantic moments onscreen. The chemistry is loved by the audience. Since the show is no longer aired, here are a few romantic moments that this jodi shared.

Check out Jennifer Winget and Harshad Chopda aka Zoya and Aditya from Bepannah romantic picture. Have a look and enjoy!

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