All there is to know about Asim Riaz

Everything you need to know about Bigg Boss 13 contestant Asim Riaz

Asim Riaz is one of the most wanted faces from this year’s season 13 of Bigg Boss. Most across the country like referring to him as the chocolate boy of Bigg  Boss. By profession, this hottie is a model, no surprises there! And he has also been part of several commercials. The model was born in Jammu and Kashmir in India. From his profession, it is obviously clear that the lad is not new to being watched over by a bunch of cameras.

The hotness has now stepped into the Bigg Boss house and we all know that everyone who comes here creates a controversy under the country’s eyes. And right as well all judged, the model has already created a stir in the household. It all began when Mahira Sharma who was another contestant began calling him Bhai which he didn’t mind due to both coming from J&K. although, after Mahira left the house the other male contestants took it as a cue to provoke Asim regarding the same and this led to a fight between the contestants which may have gone too far. Yet, fans across the country love him for how he has been handling things and carrying himself and his game in the house by never shying away from standing up for what he thinks is right.

We hope to see Asim Riaz going far in this show and hope for him to continue doing well. Stay tuned with us for more such updates on your favourite celebs

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