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All the major twists from Kumkum Bhagya will leave you blank

Kumkum Bhagya: Major Twists and Turns Till Date

It has been nearly six years since Sriti Jha and Shabir Ahluwalia’s Kumkum Bhagya has been on air and ruling the rating charts with its twists and turns. But unlike other shows, Kumkum… hasn’t taken a major leap so far.

As Abhi and Pragya begin to grow closer, the former’s girlfriend and supermodel Tanushree aka Tanu get jealous. She fakes a pregnancy, but the unborn baby is Nikhil’s child with whom Tanu had a one-night stand. But before Pragya could reveal the truth to Abhi, she meets with an accident and is declared dead.

The show took its first leap, of two months, and it is revealed that Pragya is alive. She decides to take revenge from her haters by becoming the owner of Abhi’s business. Meanwhile, a jealous Aliya attacks Pragya but her sister Bulbul sacrifices her life to save Pragya. The show went 2.5 years back when its male protagonist Abhi (Shabir) suffered a partial memory loss and forgot his wife Pragya (Sriti) who went back to her old bespectacled look, toning down from her slightly glam avatar.

Two months after leaving Abhi, Pragya starts working at the Love Life Music Company. She meets Abhishek again. However, taking advantage of Abhi’s memory loss, his sister Aliya decides to get him married to Tanu. However, Nikhil kidnaps Pragya and Abhi leaves the rituals to rescue her.
Weeks after Pragya has been shot, Abhi meets her lookalike named Munni. He takes her home where Aliya blackmails Munni to side with them. Meanwhile, Pragya, who is alive, comes out of coma and swaps places with Munni.

Enter another villain Simonika, Abhi’s secretary. She plans to take her revenge for he has killed her husband Dushyant. In a barter, Tanu asks Simonika to spare Abhi and kill Pragya instead. However, Simonika ends up murdering Dadi who reaches the factory before Pragya to save her life. Both Abhi and Aliya blame Pragya for Dadi’s death. Abhi asks Pragya to leave, thus, a heart-broken and grief-stricken Pragya is shown attempting suicide by jumping off a cliff.

Kumkum Bhagya took a seven-year leap. The jump changed all the dynamics shared by Abhi, Pragya and their families. Abhi is now married to Tanu, while Pragya is living in the United Kingdom with King Singh, a London-based rapper.

Kiara and Abhishek meet in Delhi, where the Mehra family now lives, and become good friends. Hence, when Kiara is admitted to a hospital following an accident, Abhi visits her only to find out that she is his daughter. However, Purab and Disha suggest Abhi get a DNA test done. Reports come positive and Abhi finds out that Kiara is his child.

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