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All the time when Abhi flirts with his wife Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya: Times When Abhi Never Leaves A Chance To Convey His Love To Pragya

TV serial Kumkum Bhagya’s Abhi aka Shabir Ahluwalia and Pragya aka Sriti Jha are undoubtedly one of the most loved jodis on TV. Their love story is an ideal example of opposites attract. Their cute NOK-JHOKS and stolen glances never fail to melt our hearts. They fight, argue and just as easily patch-up. From the very beginning, we couldn’t help but root for them to get through.

Abhi and Pragya’s relationship has seen a lot of drama, twists, and turns which has always kept the audience engaged and on their toes. Their story started on a bitter note in addition to the evil schemes of Tanu and Alia to keep them separate did not help either. But amidst the truths and lies, the couple managed to fall in love and remained strong only through their sheer love for each other.

A series of misunderstandings lead to the two of them getting married under forced circumstances. Although they hated each other and their marriage was rocky at the start, the two eventually get close and realize their true feelings for each other.

Pragya and Abhi from Kumkum Bhagya are the ultimate couple of goals. The duo is absolutely loved by the audience. The Jodi is the epitome of an ideal couple and has shared bang-on chemistry on screen. The pair shares an impeccable bond and has great chemistry. They share a love-hate relationship on screen.

Shabir Ahluwalia and Sriti Jha’s pairing was loved by the audience and still remains one of the telly world’s most-loved Jodis of all time. Their relationship on-screen faced a lot of ups and downs. Pragya and Abhi’s chemistry is what made the audience love Kumkum Bhagya even more.

As we all know how Abhi’s nature is flirtatious and loving and he is never shy to show his love to Pragya, don’t believe us? Take a look!

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