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Take this Asim Riaz quiz if you think you know Asim Riaz better than us

Let’s See If You Truly Love Asim Riaz By Taking This Quiz

Asim Riaz, who lives in Jammu, has become quite popular with Bigg Boss 13. Salman Khan, the host of the show, was seen having fun with Aseem from day one.

Make way, ladies and gentlemen, Bigg Boss 13 hunk Asim Riaz has entered into the topmost league of hunky male celebs, which includes Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor, Virat Kohli and others of the ilk of Greek God Adonis.
Despite having a body that girls drool over—sleek, sinewy, eight-pack abs and all—Asim Riaz was a relatively unknown name in the modeling world. Until Bigg Boss 13 happened to him.

The guy became a sensation, like literally, overnight.

How much do you know about Asim Riaz? Play this quiz and know.

Which state does Asim Riaz belong to?
When was Asim Riaz born?
What is Asim Riaz fond of?
What rank did Asim achieve in Top 50 Sexiest male from Asia?
From where did Asim finish his studies?
How many siblings does Asim Riaz have?
What is Asim Riaz by profession of a reality show Bigg Boss 13?
When did Asim Riaz start his modeling journey?
When did Asim Riaz work in a Mumbai advertising company?
What is the name of Asim Riaz’s brother?
Who loved Asim Riaz in Bigg Boss 13?

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