The sisters from Kumkum Bhagya are strikingly different from each other

Prachi and Rhea from Kumkum Bhagya are the perfect unusual siblings

The ongoing track of Kumkum Bhagya is high on drama as Abhi and Pragya are still not met, and their kids Rhea and Prachi are at loggerheads but have come together to help their mother Pragya. However, they are still unaware that they are sisters.

Both girls, who don’t know they are real sisters of each other, are in a war of words and fight always but imagine what would you do if I tell you suddenly that you have a real brother or sister and you are soon about to meet him/her. With Rhea being a little negative on-screen, as she is influenced by Aaliya and her negative impact.

A similar thing is about to happen in Kumkum Bhagya. Both the sisters Rhea and Prachi are not willing to talk to each other but they have a very good relationship with their mother and father.

Pragya took time to raise Prachi and she follows her simple deed of action whereas, Rhea is raised by Abhi and works in his office. Though both of them, Prachi and Rhea are not in good terms, we would like to see their bond actually grow.

Will Prachi and Rhea’s closeness be a link to Abhi and Pragya getting together?

To know further, Stay tuned.

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