Randeep Rai, Zain Imam, Shaheer Sheikh: THESE PHOTOS Of Actors Prove Their Love For Bike Riding | IWMBuzz

These photos of Randeep Rai, Shaheer Sheikh, and Zain Imam prove they are real bike riders!

Randeep Rai, Zain Imam, Shaheer Sheikh: THESE PHOTOS Of Actors Prove Their Love For Bike Riding

When it comes to boys, they love many things in the world but to name a few they love to travel and ride bikes, right? We come across many actors and even actresses from bolly and telly who love to travel a lot on their own and have their bikes. Among them, we have Randeep Rai, Zain Imam, and Shaheer Sheikh.

Starting with the young gun, Randeep Rai, who was seen in the iconic show, Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, has been one of the most consistent actors since his debut. Besides his acting, he has a variable interest, and to name one, he loves to travel. Randeep Rai has his bike and it is just sexy like him. His love for bike took him out even in this pandemic as we can see the dapper look in his latest Instagram post.


Previously, we talked about Randeep Rai, and now his best friend, Zain Imam. Both of them are so close that they did a series together in this lockdown together and even went for a ride together but on different bikes. Zain Imam has been a traveler from first and along with Ronit Roy, Randeep Rai and one of their friends, he took his triumph for a ride, checkout!


Lastly, we have Mr. Shaheer Sheikh who also happens to be fond of traveling. He makes sure not only his acting, but his style, looks, and fashion all are noticed by his ardent fans. No wonder why he is one of the best actors but today, we are here to talk about his love for driving. It seems he did TVS Apache advertising, but look at the dapper look of Shaheer Sheikh!


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