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Everytime Abhi And Pragya Made Our Hearts Flutter

Revisit These Awwwdorable Moments Of Abhi And Pragya’s Love Story

Zee TV has been screening one of the nation’s favourite daily soaps, Kumkum Bhagya, for several years now and has also gifted its fans with their favourite couple — its characters Abhi and Pragya, who are also the biggest reason to watch the show along with the plot twists and sweet fights. Despite everything else the show has to offer, it is this couple that manages to stand out.

In this show, Abhi is played by the well known Shabir Ahluwalia, and our sweet Pragya is played by the one and only Sriti Jha, who play their characters with utmost grace. The couple is portrayed as the one riding on the bumpy road of life’s ups and down. But what catches our eye is how they are still drawn to each other and stick by each other through the good and bad that life brings. Everyone craves for and loves an individual who stands by them. But seeing that happen to your favourite couple?…. I mean,  what are the odds?

Another thing that we can’t go without talking about is the undeniable chemistry between the couple. We just can’t seem to get enough of it. Any first time viewer of this show might end up assuming that they’re not only a reel life couple, but also a real life couple. At times, even real life couples fail to show chemistry this good on screen.

We hope this couple remains a favourite of ours for a long time. Stay tuned while we get back with more updates regarding these lovebirds in the future.

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