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Take a look at Manik and Nandini's unseen romantic moments

Unseen romantic moments of Manik and Nandini

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan lead couple Manik and Nandini, played by Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor respectively became a part of our lives because of their amazing acting chops and their amazing on-screen chemistry.

They sizzle up the screen every time with their romantic act in their daily soap. After they confessed their love for each other, Nandini and Manik’s romance was a treat to watch.

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The couple is seen having nok-jhoks from time to time and also making up for them in the cutest manner. When we see their romantic and close dance moments in the show, the pictures bring a smile on our faces.

There have been a lot of cute romantic moments shared between the two that melted our hearts. Nandini and Manik grabbed the attention of the audience.

Awww! Today, we bring you some of their unseen romantic moments, check now!

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