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When Shabir Ahluwalia stopped aging

Then vs Now: Evolution of Shabbir Ahluwalia’s Fitness

Dashing and handsome personality, Shabir Ahluwalia is an Indian television actor. He rose to fame after his hit performance in Kahiin Toh Hoga. He has also been part of other daily soaps and has acted in various movies. His motive is very simple, whatever you do give your best, and he didn’t fail his fans at any given point. Currently, he is playing the role of Abhishek Verma in old but fame serial Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV.

Trust me, it’s not Shabir’s acting skills that are always in talk but also his bold and sexy personality adds some salt to his looks. He seems to be the Anil Kapoor of TV who is aging backward. He is forty years old but has a physique like a 20-year boy. Well if you are looking for a fitness routine then here he is Shabir giving you fitness goals.

He loves to do backflips, which improve the strength of his legs. He is also a fan of handstands that make your shoulder and arms very strong from the core. He is not seen working out in a gym but, also seen playing football, cricket, badminton and many more on the list. Currently, he is on the headline for his perfect body.

We hope to see more from him both on and off-screen. Right?

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