When Our Hearts Fluttered Seeing Abhi And Pragya

We Want To See More Of Abhi And Pragya and Here’s Why….

Zee TV has provided the country with one of its favourite daily soaps. It happens to be Kumkum Bhagya. Since several years, this show has been a favourite of many, mainly, due to their favourite couple in the show – Abhi and Pragya. They are the biggest reason to watch the show. They make the show even more interesting to watch due to the sweet little fights between the couple and the all too shocking plot twists.

Despite everything else in the background that keeps on moving, the couple continues to stand out. The role of Abhi is played by Shabir Ahluwalia, alongside Pragya, whose role is played by none other than Sriti Jha. Both play their roles with complete finesse and grace.

The couple is shown to be moving through life’s ups and down and the good and bad which comes with that. However, the couple still stands by each other. What is interesting to watch is how the couple is drawn towards each other and the process of them falling in love. All of us want the same for us someday. But watching it happen to our favourite telly couple just adds the cherry on top.

We hope to see more of Abhi and Pragya’s relationship on the show and also hope that we never have to stop admiring them. Stay tuned with us while we go to fetch some more updates on your favourite couple.


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