This style hacks every man must know to dress to the point!

Zain Imam, Shaheer Sheikh, Arjun Bijlani: 7 Style Hacks Every Man Should Know

When it comes to fashion or outfits, we always look at someone to dress accordingly. Then why not our TV celebs? They have a fashion to see and looks to admire, their style will give you some tips:

The very first on the list is none other than Zain Imam. We saw him wearing casual, formals, kurtas and even suit. But what struck us the most is his sexy suit wear. He is the reason why girls used to watch his fame shows Naamkarann and Ek Bhram…Sarvagun Sampanna. His fashionable suit looks and outfits made our head turn towards him, take a look.


Very next on the list is none other than our handsome hunk of TV, Shaheer Sheikh. He not only had his magic on-screen with his acting and fashionable outfits but off-screen too. He has a great taste of fashion and we have seen him a lot in casual wear and we think this is where all men must take tips from him. His top to bottom style and outfits will inspire all, see below.

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Lastly, he is known for his style and looks. Girls go mad seeing him and even we do! Arjun Bijlani what have you done to all the girls! When they hear your name they forget everyone else. Already you have looks to steal but now your style is making us love you even more. He is seen mostly in formals and casual wear but we are glad to say, he looks equally hot in kurta too, sees below.

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