Interesting twist in Colors show

Parth and Teni’s honeymoon in Nainital

COLORS’ unique love story Dil Se Dil Tak has struck a chord with its viewers with its complicated yet beautiful relationship between Parth, Shorvori and Teni. And the recent twists and turns in the storyline has raised the curiousness level for the viewers. In the recent episodes we saw that Parth and Teni have gone to Nainital for their honeymoon. And, during this time they happen to spot Shorvori at a shop. Surprised by this, both Teni and Parth start looking out for Shorvori but later they get to know that it was Arunima and not Shorvori. Later, it is revealed that this was Shorvori and Arunima’s plan to mislead Parth and Teni. And, a dishearten Parth decides to go home.

In the upcoming episode we will see that Parth changes his mind because of Teni and decides to extend his stay in Nainital. On getting to know about this, an elated Teni will thank Parth for his sweet gesture. And, Parth in return will thank Teni for being with him in his good and bad times and always supporting her family. This brings both of them more close to each other and Parth will commit to Teni that he will always keep her happy and will never let that smile go away. The next day, Parth and Teni will decide to go to a temple for darshan and Shorvori also lands up visiting the same mandir.

Will Parth and Shorvori come face to face. To find out, don’t miss watching Dil Se Dil Tak every Monday to Friday at 10pm only on COLORS!

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