Sonali Naik relives her passion of driving motorbikes and trucks in her new Colors show, Gathbandhan.

From 2 wheelers to 8 wheelers, Gathbandhan actress Sonali Naik can ride it all!

COLORS’ recently launched fiction drama, Gathbandhan explores the extraordinary love story of a gangster, Marathi Mulga Raghu, essayed by Abrar Qazi, falling head-over-heels in love with an aspiring IPS officer and a Gujarat ni chokri Dhanak, played by Shruti Sharma.

Popular Marathi actress, Sonali Naik who has also made her comeback to television with this show, will be seen playing the role of Savitri Bai, a lady don. Her character is lively, bold and has its own quirks. The reason why she chose this role was because in real life too she is quite robust and high-spirited. She has a dabangg attitude, and loves exploring and learning new things each day.

A passionate bike rider, Sonali started bike riding in college but for the first time will get a chance to live her passion on screen. She will be seen not only riding a motorbike but also a truck as Savitri.

Commenting on this Sonali Naik said, “I was waiting for the perfect role to make my comeback. I was extremely happy when I was offered this opportunity because I see myself in Savitri bai, apart from being a gangster she is a very bold and head strong woman who has an intimidating personality. Just like Savitri, I believe that I am fearless, ambitious and adventurous. I am very fond of learning new things, I learnt how to ride the bike when I was in college and after getting married we had a tractor and truck at home.  The adrenaline rush in me made me learn how to drive these vehicles. It’s quite an exciting experience for me as I am totally living my character as Savitri bai”.

Way to go, Sonali!!


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