The lead of the Star Bharat show, Aashay Mishra actually was asked to lose weight to get the role in the show. Read this news here.

Aashay Mishra sheds weight to bag lead role in Pyaar ke Papad

An actor’s pre-requisite is to look the role he plays!!

And to achieve this, he can go to any extent of preparation … Aamir Khan, the popular Bollywood actor is the best example of how actors thrive hard to look the character they play.

On television too, actors have learnt this trick of working hard on themselves to grab the roles they want!!

Aashay Mishra the lead of Star Bharat’s show Pyaar ke Papad (Panorama Entertainment) did not get the role of Omkar with ease!!

When he auditioned for it, he was actually asked to lose a few pounds as he was playing a bank employee and had to look good in the corporate look.

And the outcome of this was that Aashay worked hard on his body and even chalked out a strict diet plan to lose the extra weight to suit the character. 

Speaking about this, Aashay said, “I was ready for anything when I got this role. Though I was not used to heavy workout sessions, I learnt it from my trainer and within months I achieved my fitness goals.”

Wow!! That’s splendid!!

Way to go, Aashay!