Abrar Qazi has been watching movies like Vaastav and has taken inspiration from Sanjay Dutt's role

Abrar Qazi takes inspiration from Sanjay Dutt’s role from Vaastav for his character in Gathbandhan

COLORS’ upcoming fiction drama, Gathbandhan explores the extraordinary love story of a gangster, Marathi Mulga Raghu, essayed by Abrar Qazi, falling head-over-heels in love with an aspiring IPS officer and a Gujarat ni chokri Dhanak, played by Shruti Sharma.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Raghu is a huge Bollywood fan with absolutely no ambition in life. A mumma’s boy at heart, his biggest strength as well as his weakness is his mother which is why he chooses to take a similar business path of collecting extortion money from the real estate builders.In real life Abrar Qazi, who is opposite in nature to his onscreen character of Raghu is taking special efforts to get into the skin of his character. He has been watching movies like Vaastav and has taken inspiration from Sanjay Dutt’s role in it. He has been observing every minute detail of Raghu’s character from the movie to get the nuances right.

According to sources, Abrar is seen practicing the dialogues to get the correct dialect of the character, he has even started walking like Sanjay Dutt and speaking to everyone on the set in that accent.  Coincidentally even Sanjay Dutt’s character name was Raghu in Vaastav.  Commenting on the role Abrar said, “When I was offered this role, it came with a challenge where the character of Raghu is absolutely different from my real life personality. During the narrations I could only relate the character to Sanjay Dutt’s role in Vaastav and this came as joy for me as I am his very big fan. This role gave me a chance to repeatedly watch the movie and polish my character of Raghu in Gathbandhan. I am very lucky that in my debut show I am sharing the same screen name of ‘Raghu’ with my idol Sanjay Dutt.”

Produced by Jay Mehtaa productions, the show is slated to go on air from 15th  Jan’19 at 9 pm  on COLORS!

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