Akshay Mhatre gives his best performance on Piyaa Albela

Akshay Mhatre elated after getting appreciated by his father

Zee TV’s popular fiction show Piyaa Albela has been capturing the audience’s hearts with its intriguing storyline and magical performances.

Recently, viewers witnessed a major revelation, where Naren (Akshay Mhatre) comes face to face with the fact/reality that he is not Supriya’s (Jyoti Gauba) but Chandrika’s (Jaya Binju) son.

As a result, Naren experiences an emotional turmoil as he gets flashes of  his childhood flashes and goes completely numb. The truth about Chandrika being his mother shatters Naren completely

Moreover, shooting this entire sequence impacted Akshay Mhatre a lot and he considers it as one of toughest sequences of his life. Speaking about it, Akshay Mhatre said, “There are many reasons why I consider this one of my best performances. As Akshay, I knew about the major revelation, but my character Naren didn’t know about this. I was always thinking about how Naren would react and how would the audience expect him to react when he comes face to face with the reality. I was looking forward to this moment, since the past two months. Moreover, my father messaged me and appreciated my performance and that was extremely special for me.”

Akshay Mhatre’s scintillating performance took the entertainment quotient a notch higher and added a layer of finesse to the beautiful sequence.

Will Naren be able to accept Chandrika as his mother? Find out in the show

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