Ankit Siwach has a tan experience

Ankit Siwach’s hot bare body sequence gives him a tanned back

Actors with a great physique usually get excited when they need to shoot for bare body sequences.

For the lead of Zee TV’s Manmohini, Ankit Siwach, his hot bare body sequence lead to him facing lot of problems!!

Ankit was required to shoot for long hours, directly under the sun striking a bare body pose.

The result was that his back has got tanned to the extent that the outer layer has started to peel off.


Yes, we spoke to Ankit who said, “I have mostly been doing bare body sequences for the show (laughs). But I have never faced this outcome. My whole back is burnt with the skin peeling off. It is very tough to shoot scenes which require me to be well-dressed (smiles).”

Ankit is healing his back at the moment by using aloe vera cream and icing.

Get well soon, Ankit!!

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