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Are you a fan of Crime Patrol show? Take a quiz

Crime Patrol Show Fan? Test Your Trivia with This Quiz!

Sony Entertainment Television’s Crime Patrol has consistently brought to light criminal cases that shook the nation and taken the onus to spread awareness on how citizens can safeguard themselves by learning to read the warning signs.

The series has been the pioneer in the crime genre, successfully empowering people across age groups by creating awareness about the various atrocious crimes committed and justice that followed.

Take a quiz if you are a true fan of Crime Patrol

When was the first episode aired?

What’s your main motto behind watching Crime Patrol?

Who is the producer of the show?

Who has been the host of the show for a long time?

Do you watch all the episodes with the same interest and concentration?

Do you eagerly wait for new episodes?

If you have answers to all the questions and you nodded your head to say yes for all these questions then yes you truly are the part of Crime Patrol Fan audience.

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