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BeHir, as in Bela and Mahir of Naagin 3, are an absolutely adorable couple to watch and we have ample reason to love them.

All the cute moments of Bela and Mahir in Naagin 3

Chemistry on small screen is a difficult job to carry out. The crew has to strike a subtle balance so that content is suitable for viewers of all ages and cultures and at the same time ensure that the spark between the lead characters is always there. Naagin 3 keeps it in balance as they expertly portray Bela and Mahir’s story, making fans of all ages crazy.

Surbhi Jyoti, the actress who plays Bela and Pearl V Puri, the actor who plays Mahir, are good friends even off the screen. And we think it is their great rapport even off the camera, which is helping them project such immense emotions and stunning chemistry on the show.
All the cute moments of Bela and Mahir in Naagin 3
In every episode that they are seen together, fans are nothing less than cheering for them to either reunite or come to each other’s rescue or simple spend time together! BeHir is how their fans refer to them, which is a cutely thought amalgamation of their names Bela and Mahir, and also proof to us that this television jodi is a true audience favorite.

Bela is always a little adorably irritated by Mahir’s childish behaviour and Mahir is in awe of the independent and stand-up woman that Bela is. Time and again it shows how the couple is mature enough to share romance but also be each other’s guide. Now isn’t that we also hope for in our partners? It is this very real bonding of theirs that is making Bela and Mahir so relatable to the audience.

Every cute moment they have ever shared on screen has been an absolute delight for all the millions of Naagin3 viewers. It’s no secret that we are always rooting for them to vanquish all evil and stay together forever!`

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